Thinkpad T60/T60p Tour

Want to see a nice overview of the T60/T60p? Check out the demonstration movie below giving a nice tour of all the features and options.

T60/T60p 3D Tour

This links to the Lenovo site and provides a 3D tour detailing the features of the T60 and some options. Some models run the Intel Core Duo processor and support up to 4GB PC2-5300 memory. They also contain a 1GB ethernet port and an 802.11abg Mini PCI Express wireless adapter. The hard drive options still only go up to 120GB however and the graphics controller ranges from Intel to ATI Radeon or FireGL.

UPDATE: Several T60 models I have worked on have had fan and overheating issues. The new models of the T61 have had a re-work in this area. They have a larger and more efficient re-designed fan assembly to alleviate overheating. These fans also seem to be a little more quiet as they supposedly have lowered the noise level by 3dB..

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