New Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

  Lenovo announced a refresh of their ThinkSystem servers built around the second generation Intel Xeon processors(Xeon SP Gen 2).  The ThinkSystem rack servers range from SR5xx, SR6xx, SR8xx and SR9xx.   ThinkSystem Density optimized systems are SDxxx and Compute nodes for Flex are SNxxx, and finally Tower servers STxxx.
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Also of note is the use of new Persistent Memory in these servers which when paired with SSD’s improves latency and overall improved performance. Read about this innovative technology here:

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory represents a new class of memory and storage technology explicitly architected for data center usage. It offers three main benefits:

  • Significantly lower latency than fetching data from system storage
  • High capacities
  • Affordable cost
Did you know?
Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory modules (DCPMMs) have the form factor of a DDR4 DIMM, but the persistence and capacity of data storage of a solid-state drive.

This means the DCPMMs have performance characteristics similar to that of TruDDR4 DIMMs, the storage capacity of an SSD, and the ability to stay active after a power cycle or reboot of the server. These features open up a new way of performing data I/O to application developers and new levels of server performance to customers.

Lenovo states:

 Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is an innovative technology that delivers a unique combination of affordable large memory capacity and persistence (non-volatility). The persistent memory technology can help boost the performance of data-intensive applications, such as in-memory analytics, databases, content delivery networks, and high performance computing (HPC), as well as deliver consistent service levels at scale with higher virtual machine and container density.

 This product guide describes the Data Center Persistent Memory Modules (DCPMMs) and provides essential pre-sales information to understand the memory modules, their key features and specifications, and compatibility. This guide is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, and IT architects who want to learn more about the DCPMMs and consider their use in IT solutions.
Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory ModuleThinkSystem SR950

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