SSD Not Showing Up | Full Fix

SSD Not Showing Up

An SSD not showing up in either BIOS or Windows can be frustrating, I’ll cover widely seen issues and how to resolve them. This information is generally targeted towards laptops but will still apply to desktops as well. To resolve an SSD not showing up we’ll need to look in the BIOS, the operating system, … Read more

Lenovo Legion T530 Upgrade (RAM And SSD)

Lenovo Legion T530 Upgrade

Needing to improve the performance of your Legion T530 and wondering if you can upgrade the RAM and SSD drive? The Lenovo Legion T530 can be upgraded to 32GB of RAM and additional or larger SSD drives can be installed. How Do I Upgrade The RAM And SSD On My Lenovo Legion T530? The maximum … Read more

Does A NVMe SSD Make A Difference? |Lenovo Laptop Drive |

Lenovo Laptop Drive | Does A NVMe SSD Make A Difference?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the world of hard drive technology available today.If you are looking to upgrade your computer’s storage you probably have questions on just what type of drive to purchase.This guide will explore SSD drive technology and help determine if it is worth getting the latest and greatest in terms of … Read more

IBM Storwize V7000 Upgrade Procedure (Guide)

IBM V7000 Upgrade Procedure

Looking for info on the Lenovo branded V7000 Storwize? See this post. IBM Storwize V7000 Upgrade Procedure I Recently upgraded the firmware on two V7000 Storwize systems. Both went smoothly by using the GUI manager. While one node is being upgraded the other takes over control so there is no downtime. However, there might be … Read more