IBM/Lenovo T40/T40p, T41/T41p, T42/T42p Keyboard removal

IBM T40, T41 and T42 series of Thinkpad laptops have a great keyboard. Occasionally you may want or need to remove the keyboard to access the internals. The process is simple and straight forward.

The keyboard is pretty easy to remove and re-install. You remove a few screws from the back of the machine which hold the keyboard in place. Then open the Thinkpad and take off the keyboard remembering there is a connector about mid-point on the underside that connects to the motherboard.

Step by step:

– Turn off computer and disconnect the AC adapter.
– Close display and turn laptop over.
– Remove the battery.
– Remove the screws on the back of the machine that have a small drawing of a keyboard. There are either 3 or 4 screws depending on the model.
– Open the display to remove the keyboard.
– Push forward on the keyboard so the lower end can be lifted up and out toward you; then detach the connector on the underside of the keyboard that goes to the mainboard.
– Reverse the steps to install the keyboard and re-tighten the screws on the back of the machine.

As always refer to the hardware maintenance manual if you need more detailed information about the process.