Web Hosting (#1 Cloudways) I Switched

Cloudways Web Hosting Provider

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. Looking to upgrade to a new web hosting provider that is faster and more secure, or just starting out and searching for a web host for your brand new WordPress site? Read why I switched to Cloudways as my new web hosting … Read more

IdeaPad Gaming 3 Upgrade (Full Specs)

IdeaPad Gaming 3 Upgrade

Upgrade the RAM and SSD drive in your Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop plus check out the specifications of the laptop. Yes, upgrading the IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop including part numbers and instructions is in this article, plus specs. How To Upgrade RAM And SSD On Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Laptop How To Upgrade RAM … Read more

Lenovo Legion Duel And Duel 2 (How-To)

Lenovo Legion Duel And Duel 2 Phones

The Lenovo Legion Duel and Duel 2 phone stats and how-to instructions are both included in this article. The Lenovo Legion Duel phone and its successor the Legion Duel 2 are amazing gaming phones with impressive internals, however, you may need help either using or fixing the phone. That’s what this article is all about. … Read more

Web Hosting Basics Explained | Learn More

What Is Web Hosting

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. Web Hosting Basics Explained is a guide for beginners or anyone needing to learn more about installing and setting up a website or blog. Web hosting explained teaches you the basic information needed to empower you to build your own website or … Read more

How To Fix A Laptop Fan | See How

How To Fix A Laptop Fan

How to fix a laptop fan really depends on what the fan is doing. A high-pitched whining noise probably indicates it needs to be replaced. A noisy fan running at high speeds might just need to be cleaned of dust and debris. If you’ve asked how to fix a laptop fan, either open up the … Read more

SSD Not Showing Up | Full Fix

SSD Not Showing Up

An SSD not showing up in either BIOS or Windows can be frustrating, I’ll cover widely seen issues and how to resolve them. This information is generally targeted towards laptops but will still apply to desktops as well. To resolve an SSD not showing up we’ll need to look in the BIOS, the operating system, … Read more

Lenovo Battery Not Charging |New Solutions

Lenovo Battery Not Charging

What to do if your Lenovo laptop battery is not charging? I’ll answer common questions asked about laptop batteries and provide solutions to get yours back up and running normally again. If your Lenovo battery is not charging, is it bad? Or is the issue with the A/C adapter or laptop itself? See the solutions … Read more

Oura Smart Ring (Tech Info)

Oura Smart Ring

Have questions about smart ring technology? Looking to purchase one, or having issues with the one you already own? The Oura Ring is a lightweight Titanium smart ring available in several colors. It has advanced sensors on the inside of the ring that collect a variety of biometric data. Oura Smart Ring Questions Answered And … Read more

Thunderbolt 3 Info Guide (Need To Know)

Thunderbolt 3 Info Guide

Have questions about the widely used Thunderbolt™ 3 interface? This Thunderbolt 3 info guide answers them and provides some detail about the latest release named Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 3 is an interface standard providing high bandwidth and fast speeds on just one cable. It aims to be the only cable users will need in the … Read more