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Updated: February 3, 2023

  • Is your Lenovo keyboard backlight not working? If so, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue and get the keyboard to light up. We’ll show you how to turn on the keyboard light Lenovo.
  • Keep reading as I explain some of the causes or reasons why your Lenovo keyboard light is not working and how to fix them.

Many Lenovo laptops come configured with a backlit keyboard but not all, so it’s important to understand if your model does. In addition, the issue could be hardware or software-related.
I will start with the easy fixes first and work up to more advanced options.

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EASY: 6 Steps to fix your backlight issue.

Lenovo Keyboard Backlight Not Working

If your Lenovo keyboard backlight not working is the issue, follow the 6 steps below.

Step #1 Verify Backlight Is Installed

The first step is to verify your Lenovo laptop is configured with a keyboard backlight. As mentioned above, many Lenovo laptops are preinstalled with a backlight, and some offer it as an option.

To check your model of laptop, simply look at the keyboard for a light symbol on the spacebar key. This indicates the ability to turn on and off the backlight.

keyboard backlight settings - space bar
keyboard backlight settings – space bar

Optionally, you can always check the user manual or user guide that came with the Lenovo laptop.
Find the associated info guide online at the Lenovo support website. You simply enter your model information or let it auto-detect your system.

Step #2 Use The Function Keys To Enable Backlight

After you have verified a backlight is indeed installed, the next step is the easy-to-use keyboard shortcut. Use this to turn on/off the light pretty much always. Note, that you can also use the Lenovo Vantage application to do this.

How to turn on keyboard light Lenovo:

To turn on your keyboard light on a Lenovo laptop, press the Fn + Spacebar keys together. This will activate the backlight, which you can toggle from low to high and off using the Spacebar. If the backlight does not turn on, make sure your laptop is charged to at least 75%. The backlight shortcut key is often located on the Spacebar and is represented by an icon of a horizontal bracket with arcing lines.

Alternatively, use Lenovo Vantage to manage the keyboard backlight.

Step #3 Reboot The Laptop

A simple reboot of the laptop often fixes or resolves many issues, such as a keyboard backlight not working. Sometimes software gets screwed up and rebooting flushes out the cache, closes programs, etc.

Reboot the operating system of your laptop to resolve many backlight issues.

Go ahead and try it, you might be surprised how often this clears up problems you’re having with your computer.

Also, try to stop the ImControllerService process from Task Manager. This process is associated with Lenovo Vantage, stopping it might indicate if it is causing the no backlight issue. This is a temporary fix though, usually, a BIOS update will be a more permanent fix.

If none of these steps have worked for you yet, it is time to see if the backlight will come on and work outside of the OS.

Step #4 Use BIOS To Test Backlight

Enter the BIOS/UEFI by turning on the laptop and pressing F1. This is just a good way for us to test the functionality of the Lenovo keyboard light outside of the software or operating system.

Once in the BIOS, press the Fn+Spacebar to check if the keyboard backlight comes on.

If the keyboard backlight comes on and works properly then it indicates the hardware is okay. The issue lies somewhere while in the OS.
Update the system BIOS as well as software such as Lenovo Vantage. Make sure everything is up to date.

Note: A lot of users have seen their Lenovo keyboard light not working issue resolved with the latest BIOS. The release contained fixes directly applied to the backlight issue.

Step #5 Reset Laptop With A Power Drain

It may seem odd, but draining the system can fix some hardware issues. We need to unplug and remove the battery if possible.

Power off the laptop. Unplug the AC adapter. Remove the external battery if present. Hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds. Reconnect everything and boot up.

Just like rebooting the OS solved software issues, doing a power drain can solve hardware issues such as keyboard problems.

Step #6 Run A Hardware Diagnostics Test

It might be useful at this point to run a diagnostics test on the hardware to find out if any problem is detected.

Use Lenovo Vantage to run diagnostics or run a scan from Lenovo support.

I also have an article on Lenovo Hardware Diagnostics Tools that might be useful to scan your components. Check it out if you are looking for some tools.

In addition, I wrote a whole article on fixing issues with your laptop. It is a step-by-step process to help you resolve most issues.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light Lenovo:

Press the Fn + Spacebar keys together to turn on or off the keyboard light. Tap the Spacebar to toggle the backlight from Low, High, and Off.
Alternatively, use Lenovo Vantage to manage the keyboard backlight.

You should see a small diagram indicating the backlight feature on your spacebar, see the picture below.

Some Lenovo laptops such as the newer Legion series have an installed program called iCUE. This allows you to pre-configure RGB backlight settings for your use.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light Lenovo.
How To Turn On Keyboard Light Lenovo: Fn + Spacebar keys are shown on the Lenovo keyboard to enable the backlight.

How to turn off the keyboard light Lenovo: Press and hold the Fn key and tap the spacebar until the light turns off.

The Lenovo Legion 7 keyboard light settings use the Fn + Space Bar, hold the Fn, and press the space bar to cycle through the light settings. Just like what is shown above.

Use Lenovo Vantage For Backlight

In Windows 10 and 11, your Lenovo should come installed with the Lenovo Vantage keyboard backlight program.

Open the Lenovo Vantage keyboard backlight program and locate the icon for the keyboard backlight. Use this to turn on/off the backlight.

If you do not have Lenovo Vantage, download it from Lenovo. It is a useful tool and can resolve some issues with the backlight not working. Note too that if your version is old, you should go ahead and upgrade it to the latest release as this fixes some issues.

Lenovo Vantage For Keyboard

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Lenovo Legion 5 Keyboard Backlight Not Working

As I mentioned above, the newer Legion series has an installed program called iCUE. To get your Legion keyboard backlight working, first, open the iCUE app and configure a new profile for your use. Click the + at the top of Profiles.

Note: Be sure the “enable plugins” and maybe “enable SDK” are checked in iCUE settings.
Next, quit the iCUE software, which puts the keyboard lighting into default mode, then press “Fn + space” which will cycle through the presets, and find the one you want.

For Legion, use the iCUE app: Press Fn+ Space to select your preset.

This table contains some of the popular Lenovo laptops sold in the U.S.
Note that most but not all have a backlit keyboard. Also, some models are configurable at the time of order allowing you to add on a backlit keyboard.

ModelProductBacklit Keyboard
82AU0013USLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU0014USLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU00B8USLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU00BTUSLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU00BVUSLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU00CGUSLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
82AU00CXUSLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05White Backlit, English (US)
81Y60004USLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05HWhite Backlit, English (US)
81Y6000ACCLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05HWhite Backlit, English (US)
81Y6000BCCLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05HWhite Backlit, English (US)
81Y6000DUCLenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H4-Zone RGB LED backlight, (US)
81YT0000USLenovo Legion 7 15IMH05RGB LED Backlit, English (US)
81YT0002USLenovo Legion 7 15IMH05RGB LED Backlit, English (US)
81YT0003USLenovo Legion 7 15IMH05RGB LED Backlit, English (US)
81YT0004USLenovo Legion 7 15IMH05RGB LED Backlit, English (US)
82B80006UXIdeaPad Flex 5 CB 13IML05White Backlit, English (US)
82B8000AUSIdeaPad Flex 5 CB 13IML05Non-backlit, English
82B8000BUSIdeaPad Flex 5 CB 13IML05Non-backlit, English
81VW000TUSIdeaPad S340-15IILWhite Backlit, English (US)
81VW001MUSIdeaPad S340-15IILWhite Backlit, English (US)
81VW0020USIdeaPad S340-15IILNon-backlit, English

There is no specific driver for the keyboard backlight because it is a physical switch. If none of the above steps are resolved or helped with your issue, it is probably time to call Lenovo support for either a keyboard replacement or a whole laptop repair.

In Summary

I’ve included several actionable steps for you to take to resolve a Lenovo keyboard backlight not working. I hope one of them has worked for you. As I mentioned above, the newer BIOS release has solved many users’ problems with this backlight issue. Follow the steps and run diagnostics if you need to, but if all else fails it may be time to contact support.

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