Thunderbolt 3 Info Guide (Need To Know)

Thunderbolt 3 Info Guide

Have questions about the widely used Thunderbolt™ 3 interface? This Thunderbolt 3 info guide answers them and provides some detail about the latest release named Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 3 is an interface standard providing high bandwidth and fast speeds on just one cable. It aims to be the only cable users will need in the … Read more

Chromebook Screenshot (Take, Edit and Send)

Chromebook Screenshot Banner

I explain the Chromebook screenshot and how to take, edit, and send it in this article. For a full-screen screenshot, press Ctrl+Show Windows keys.For a partial screenshot, press Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows keys. Keep reading for the full details on how you can take, send and edit screenshots on your own Chromebook. Plus, tips on resolving problems … Read more

Lenovo Laptop Is Not Turning On | NEW Solutions

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

Lenovo laptops normally work great without any issues. Occasionally though, you may find that when you press the power button the laptop does not power-on.Lenovo has several different models and styles of laptops and each may vary slightly as to how to fix issues with the laptop not turning on. The quick fix when your … Read more

Lenovo Thinkpad T480 RAM Upgrade (Do This)

Thinkpad T480 RAM Upgrade

Lenovo laptop T480 RAM upgrade and SSD information. Many owner’s of Thinkpad T480s have been asking if they can upgrade the amount of memory their laptops has, as well a show many DIMM slots this model Thinkpad comes with. Is The Lenovo Thinkpad T480 Upgradable? The Lenovo Thinkpad T480 has two DIMM sockets and the … Read more

Future Trade-Offs Of Remote Work (Adapt Quickly)

Future Trade-Offs Of Remote Work

The future of remote work will hold both benefits and costs to an employee. These need to be explored to ensure a right balance can be found for workers. Corporations over the past half dozen or more years have been trending toward more open office floor plans. Millennial friendly work spaces that allow for greater … Read more

IdeaPad Flex 14 Camera Not Working (Solved)

IdeaPad Flex 14 Camera Not Working

IdeaPad Flex 14 Camera Not Working(Solved) A lot of us are using webcams more often lately. We’re working from home and need to join a video call, or maybe just using Skype with friends. Whatever the case may be, it’s no joy when the camera decides it has an issue and won’t work properly. The … Read more