Best Guide To Choose Your Web Hosting

Cloudways Web Hosting Provider

Fast is king. Cloudways is a cloud-based managed web hosting provider and one of the best for hosting WordPress websites. Affordable, and simple to set up website hosting too. Looking to upgrade to a new web hosting provider that is faster and more secure, or just starting out and searching for a web host for … Read more

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Upgrade Guide | RAM+SSD

HP Pavilion Gaming Upgrade Guide

Does your HP Pavilion gaming laptop seem too sluggish during gameplay or just everyday use? Upgrade the RAM and the SSD drive using this guide that includes specs and part numbers you will need to know. Yes, upgrade your HP Pavilion gaming laptop with part numbers and instructions included in this article, plus specs. And … Read more

Lenovo Legion 5 Laptop Upgrade Guide | RAM+SSD

Legion 5 Upgrade

Upgrade the RAM and SSD drive in your Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop plus check out the specifications of the laptop in this guide. Yes, upgrading the Legion 5 gaming laptop including part numbers and instructions is in this article, plus specs. And if you need a new gaming chair and keyboard for your laptop … Read more

Top 5 Best Lenovo Laptops To Buy | NEW

Top 5 Lenovo Laptops To Buy

You are looking to buy a new laptop but which one do you choose as the choices seem endless? Whether you are a gamer, student, or a senior, Lenovo has a laptop perfect for you. This NEW laptop buying guide tells you the best Lenovo laptops you can buy. Select yours from these top 5 … Read more

Best Guide To Amazing Gaming Chairs | 5 Tips

Best Guide To Amazing Gaming Chairs

Playing games while sitting in any old chair doesn’t cut it any longer. You get sore, uncomfortable and you need much better support. This is where a good-quality gaming chair comes into play. There are a ton of them on the market, so it’s important to do some research before you buy. The number and … Read more

What Is The Easiest Laptop For Seniors (Laptop Info)

What Is The Easiest Laptop For Seniors?

Older adults and seniors may face challenges when wanting to use new technology. They might think it will be too difficult, or not realize the benefit that could be gained.But that shouldn’t stop anyone wishing to utilize a new computer or laptop. Computing for seniors might seem daunting, we’ll demystify laptop technology to help you … Read more

Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On | NEW Solutions

Dell Laptop Wont Turn On

Having power issues with your Dell laptop? When you press the power button does it not turn on? We’ll detail the 6 troubleshooting steps for the various hardware issues and tell you how to fix them. The basic fix if your Dell laptop won’t turn on is to unplug the A/C adapter and remove the … Read more

Oculus Quest 2 | Specs And Tech Info

Oculus Quest 2

Read why you may want to get the Oculus Quest 2 as your next VR headset. And, if you already own the Quest 1, is it worth the cost to upgrade. The Oculus Quest 2 is smaller, lighter, has 120Hz resolution, and improved performance over the previous Quest headset. It is easy to set up … Read more