Lenovo Recycling Programs

Lenovo Recycling Programs
What to do with older, outdated Lenovo equipment?

You want to be environmentally responsible and not just throw old rechargeable batteries in the trash bin.  Lenovo has the answers for you.  Below are two great programs allowing you to recycle Lenovo machines in an easy responsible way.

According to Lenovo:
 Lenovo offers environmentally sound managed asset recovery services (ARS) and product take back and recycling programs to business and consumer customers, respectively, in many countries around the world. These offerings are designed to satisfy specific customer and geographic needs while maximizing the reuse, recycling, and/or environmental disposal of replaced and end of life products, parts, and waste.

Battery Recycling and Disposal:
 Lenovo participates in the Call2Recycle program.
 Rechargeable batteries from Lenovo products such as lithium ion batteries in laptops and lead acid  batteries in uninterruptable power supplies can be recycled free of charge at any of the Call2Recycle’s more than 30,000 drop-off locations in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about the Call2Recycle program and to locate a battery recycling location near you, visit http://www.call2recycle.org/
Computer Systems
 Lenovo has partnered with Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLG Americas or RLGA). The program offers convenient options for recycling Lenovo products, including free shipping. Customers simply prepare the product for shipment and follow the steps on the RLGA webpage which includes detailed instructions regarding how to request a free prepaid label.

From Lenovo:
Lenovo recommends that prior to returning equipment for recycling, that you back up or transfer any data on the hard drive or other storage devices and then delete any data on the drives and devices.    Lenovo recommends consumers use one of the variety of commercially available data-erasing software applications available on the market and follow the instructions associated with the software to ensure data is removed from the machine prior to returning for recycling.

For those outside the United States, visit the Product Recycling Programs by Region site.

The latest information on Lenovo’s Recycling Program can be found HERE.