Lenovo Battery Not Charging? Do THIS

What to do if your Lenovo laptop battery is not charging? I’ll answer common questions asked about laptop batteries and provide solutions to get yours back up and running normally again.

Hey there! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re having some trouble with your Lenovo laptop battery not charging. In this article, I’ll be addressing common questions asked about laptop batteries and provide solutions to get yours back up and running normally again.

How To Fix Lenovo Battery Not Charging

To improve battery life, keep the OS and BIOS updated, and remember that the display consumes a lot of the battery life. Dim the screen to improve battery longevity. For batteries not charging properly see the steps below.

Firstly, if your Lenovo battery is not charging, is it bad? Or is the issue with the A/C adapter or the laptop itself? Don’t worry, I’ve got some solutions for you below.

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Why Is My Lenovo Battery Not Charging?

A Lenovo laptop not charging that is plugged in can be caused by several issues. See the five steps below to fix a Lenovo battery not charging issue.

5 Steps To Fix Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

1. Shut down and remove the battery:

  1. The first and easiest solution is to shut down the laptop, remove the A/C adapter and battery if possible.
  2. Press and hold the power button between 20 and 30 seconds.
  3. Replace the battery and A/C adapter and boot up the laptop.

This procedure commonly fixes a battery not charging issue.

2. Check the A/C adapter:

The second solution if the battery is not charging while plugged in is to test if the A/C adapter is working or faulty.

  1. Unplug and then plug back in the A/C adapter. Does the laptop beep when you do this? It should detect the removal of the adapter.
  2. Alternatively, if you have another similar laptop, plug the A/C adapter into it to check if it charges that battery.
  3. Lastly, if you can remove the battery, do so. Then plug in only the A/C adapter and check if you can power on the laptop. This will tell you if the adapter works or not.

3. Check the battery settings:

The third solution is to check the battery power settings. Some laptops have battery maintenance options to either prolong the life of the battery or extend the run time of the laptop.

  1. Check your power management settings, Lenovo Vantage, and possible other battery applications to see if they are set to ‘Maximum Battery Life’, ‘Conservation Mode ‘, or ‘Best Battery Health‘. If so, the laptop optimizes for the longest battery lifespan and will/can prevent the battery from charging up to 100%.
  2. Change the selection to optimize battery runtime if desired.

4. Upgrade the BIOS:

The fourth solution is to check Lenovo’s support website for a BIOS update for your laptop. An updated BIOS fixes common issues and oftentimes will resolve battery problems.

5. Remove components:

Remove as many components from the laptop as you can including the battery.

  1. Power the system using only the A/C adapter and enter the BIOS/UEFI. This could tell you if the power adapter is faulty.
  2. Next, shut down the computer and reinstall the battery. Attempt to boot into the BIOS or Windows if the SSD is still installed. Check the battery LED indicators for their status.

Leave the laptop off for a few hours while plugged in to see if the battery will charge. If not, the battery may be bad and need to be replaced.

If you want to know more about preserving the longevity of your laptop’s battery, be sure to check out my article “Is It Harmful To Leave A Laptop Plugged In?“.

Now let’s look at some battery settings to make or adjust on your laptop.

Lenovo Vantage Battery Settings

Lenovo Vantage Battery Settings
How to adjust the Lenovo Vantage Battery Settings
Source: Lenovo.com

Lenovo Vantage allows you to adjust the laptops’ power settings as well as the battery settings. Go to ‘Setup‘ and select ‘Optimize for Battery Runtime‘.

Lenovo Battery Settings

Lenovo Battery Light Flashing Not Charging

The differences between a slowly flashing Lenovo battery light (orange or amber) and a quickly flashing one (white) can indicate whether your laptop is charging or if there is an issue with the battery.

Incorrect battery charges or a damaged battery can lead to a quick flashing light and an inability to power the device, while a drained battery may cause a slow flashing light.

Know the color and speed of your Lenovo laptop’s battery light to ensure proper charging.

Generally, a Lenovo battery light that is slowly flashing means the battery is being charged, and a quick flashing light means there is a battery charging issue.

The color of the battery indicator light may vary among the various Lenovo laptops. Some display an orange or amber light while charging, and some show a white light, depending on the state of discharge.

How to fix Lenovo charging light blinking or flashing:

  • To check the status of the laptop’s battery, locate the Power Meter icon at the bottom icon tray of Windows. Double-click the Power Meter to see detailed info about the battery.
  • See the steps above about turning off the laptop and holding the power button for 20 to 30 seconds to reset the system.
  • Check your laptop’s BIOS level and upgrade if a new BIOS has been released. This can fix issues with battery charging. See the instructions above.
  • Lastly, remove the battery from the laptop and try to power on the system. If this does work, shut down the laptop again and re-install the battery. Try to power back on the system. You may have a faulty battery that needs to be replaced. Contact Lenovo support.

Also, note that if the battery has gotten very hot it may not charge. Turn off the laptop and let the battery cool before trying to charge it up.

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How Do I Reset My Lenovo Laptop Battery?

For a Lenovo battery reset you let it charge to 100%, then discharge it all the way down and charge it back up again. If you need to reset the system, see the steps shown above.

Some Lenovo laptops have an ‘Emergency Reset Hole’ located on the back cover. If the laptop fails to boot, unplug the A/C adapter and use a small paper clip to insert it into the reset hole.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Battery Or Charger Is Bad?

To isolate if the battery or charger is bad you need to check both components. Shut down the laptop and remove the battery. Power on the system using only the A/C charger. If this works, you know the charger is okay.

If you cannot remove the battery, when you plug in the A/C charger does the laptop beep? Or do the battery charging lights come on? If not, the charger may be bad or the outlet it is plugged into is faulty. Try another outlet for the charger.

See my link above to locate a new battery or power adapter replacement.

Note, a Lenovo battery firmware update is available for several laptops. Check the Lenovo support site to see if it applies to yours.

Lenovo Battery Not Detected

If the Lenovo battery is not detected, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1. First remove it from the system and re-install it. It may have been a connection issue.

2. Disconnect the power adapter and press the reset button on the back of the laptop, if available.

Many users have inspected the internal battery connection and made sure to tighten the screws holding the battery in place so that the connection is tight.

3. As always, check for a BIOS update. A new BIOS firmware can include fixes to various issues.

Note that the Lenovo Warranty Period for all Lenovo batteries is limited to 12 months unless otherwise specified. Check your laptop warranty here.

Today’s laptop batteries last about 2 years on average, after that, battery life and charging longevity will decrease. Find a new laptop battery from Lenovo by using their Battery Search website.

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Those are some common complaints about Lenovo battery issues and how to resolve them. Resetting the battery in one way or another does the trick for many users. You may need to check the actual connection or look at the power supply as well. Interested in a new laptop? Check out my article titled Top 5 best Lenovo laptops to buy.

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