IBM/Lenovo T40/40p, T41/41p, T42/42p fan assembly removal

Is your fan noisy or just fails to start anymore? These instructions guide you through the fan removal process for T4x series Thinkpads.

Remove these parts in order to remove the fan assembly.
-Remove the battery
-Remove the hard drive
-Remove the keyboard
-Remove the palm rest

With the keyboard out of the way you can see the fan assembly on the left side. It is attached with three screws holding the heat sink to the motherboard. The heat sink covers the CPU so be careful in the following steps.

-Remove the three screws holding the assembly
-Either carefully pry or gently wiggle the fan assembly until you can lift it out. It will come out at an angle since it is under the side lip of the machine. You will also need to disconnect it’s connector from the motherboard.

To reinstall the fan assembly you need to apply a small amount of thermal grease to the pad under the assembly.