Lenovo Systems Diagnostics Tools

Updated info. 2019.

See the new post on diagnostic tools for Lenovo:

Updated December 2011.

Need a couple nice diagnostic tools for your Thinkpad? Below you will find two utilities that should enable you to pinpoint issues with hardware or even software problems.

–> Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox is a new full featured application from Lenovo that provides advanced diagnostic tools, system health checks and status, and reports system security issues, plus additional tools. It is a step up and a replacement for the PC-Doctor tool which only ran diagnostics. Lenovo ThinkVanatge Toolbox installs under Windows 7, XP or Windows Vista and when launched displays the machine type and model as well as the BIOS level and even when the machine’s warranty expires.

The main functions are:
System health check – looks at Windows Updates, hard drive status, and device properties.

System security check – looks at such things as virus protection, firewall status, password and file sharing.

Diagnostics and tools checks – can create system information reports, test all hardware components, test and defragment the hard drive, connect to Lenovo help and more.
One pretty slick feature is the drive space manager which graphically displays what is installed on the hard drive by either the file type or by the folder name.

Lenovo Hard Drive Quick Test is another useful utility that comes with Lenovo System Toolbox but can be installed as a separate product. It also is installed under Windows.

Lenovo Warranty Lookup – want to know when your machine’s warranty expires? Just enter the machines model and serial number..