Lenovo Quick Pick Is Now SmartFind Accessories

If you are used to using Lenovo Quick Pick, you should know that site has been transitioned over to Lenovo Smartfind Accessories.

Lenovo Smartfind has every accessory you may need for your Lenovo device.

Actually there are two ways to locate parts for your Lenovo device as I’ll detail below.

I have an updated post about Lenovo parts and accessories. CLICK HERE to see it.

Below are some Lenovo sites to help locate/find any accessory you could need. They are the place to look for any accessory or part number and are good to browse.

If your Lenovo laptop is having problems and not working correctly or you are just looking for Lenovo accessories, you can find what you need.

The first two are easy to use while the second is more for reference. Enjoy..

US Lenovo Quick Pick:

#1 >> In the US, find accessories here: >> Lenovo Accessory Website.

This is the accessory and parts website right off the main Lenovo.com page. This particular site is geared toward those in the U.S market.

Lenovo SmartFind Accessories:

#2 >> Anyone can search for accessories here: >> Lenovo SmartFind Accessories.

Smartfind Lenovo is where to look for everything you need in one place to select options for your Lenovo device. Find accessories for security, productivity, mobility, desktop, and gaming.

Lenovo Smartfind Accessories

Lenovo Accessory Reference:

Also Check the: Accessories and Options Compatibility Matrix (OCM) for a large reference section with links to accessories.

Using the above links will get you to the Lenovo resources you need, from finding a dock, memory, harddrives, or a monitor. As I mentioned above, Lenovo quick pick has been replaced by the newer Lenovo SmartFind Accessories page.

I’ve included some quick reference part numbers for common accessories below.

Part #Product NameFeatures
4X40Q26384Thinkpad 15.6” Professional ToploadPC compartment supports laptops up to 15.6”.
Main compartment features a full laptop and storage pockets for accessories and other small items.
4X40Q26383ThinkPad 15.6” Professional BackpackPC compartment supports laptops up to 15.6”.
Rear features include premium padding, a convenient trolley strap, and a lumbar pocket for easy, secure storage of travel essentials.
4X40Q26385ThinkPad 15.6” Professional Slim ToploadPC compartment supports laptops up to 15.6”.
Front-panel pocket features a full workstation and storage pockets for accessories and other small items.
4X40N72081Lenovo 17” Passage BackpackPadded PC compartment is compatible with all ThinkPad laptops
Compartment for a smaller secondary device, such as tablet or other accessories.
4X40E77322ThinkPad Executive Leather CaseProvides style and functionality in a high quality leather attaché case.
The Executive Leather Case is designed for durability and protection of your laptop and offers a tablet pocket.
Cases And Bags From Lenovo
Part #Product NameType
4X90L6691USB-C to DP AdapterUSB-C
4X90U90616TBT 3 WS Split CableTBT3
4X90S92381Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel HuUSB-C
4X90Q59480Lenovo USB-C to USB-C Cable 2mUSB-C
4X90M42956USB-C to VGA AdapterUSB-C
4X90M44010USB-C to HDMI AdapterUSB-C
4X90L66917Lenovo USB-C to Ethernet AdapterUSB-C
Cables And Adapters From Lenovo

In Summary

When you need new or additional accessories for your Lenovo device the new way is to use Lenovo Smartfind Accessories. This site replaces the old Quick Pick site and should provide everything you need.