ThinkPad X130e Ultraportable Designed For Students

Lenovo is releasing a rugged new Thinkpad X130e ultraportable designed for student and education use.  Since it’s target audience is geared toward a younger user, the X130e has more durable body panels to withstand being slung in a backpack.  It’s customizable with a choice of AMD or Intel Core processors, Radeon or Intel graphics with … Read more

Lenovo Systems Diagnostics Tools

Updated info. 2019. See the new post on diagnostic tools for Lenovo: Updated December 2011. Need a couple nice diagnostic tools for your Thinkpad? Below you will find two utilities that should enable you to pinpoint issues with hardware or even software problems. –> Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox is a new full featured application from … Read more

Lenovo Thinkpads – Now With Nvidia Optimus Technology

ThinkPad T410, T510 and T410s now are equipped with NVIDIA NVS 3100M graphics with Optimus technology. This technology automatically switches between the Nvidia graphics chip for high graphics performance and the integrated Intel graphics chip for longer battery life. So no longer is there a need to manually switch between graphics chipsets to fit you’re … Read more

External Thinkpad USB Keyboard

Thinkpad USB keyboard with Trackpoint.Available for users who like their Thinkpad keyboard and would like to have a comparable external keyboard. This compact, slim design has the same look and feel and even includes the built in Trackpoint and function keys. Its part number is 55Y9003 0B47190 and costs about $50 US dollars. Find additional … Read more

Lenovo SimpleTap

The future of laptops will include a capacitive touch screen. Lenovo’s SimpleTap technology enables quick and easy access to hardware controls by simply touching on-screen tiles. This menu of tiles is user configurable and can adjust such things as the ThinkLight, volume controls, screen brightness. The technology is available today for the Thinkpad X200 Tablet … Read more

Thinkpad Hard Drive Firmware Update

You upgrade the BIOS on your Thinkpad; you install Windows updates, but have you updated the firmware on your Thinkpad’s hard drive? As recent as January of this year the latest hard drive firmware was released for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads. The firmware is downloadable as an .iso file and you select one of two different files … Read more

Thinkpad WWAN Broadband Option – ATT 3G Info

I’ve been using a Lenovo W500 with the SIM card reader in the back, under the battery, and wanted to find some information on how to use this function and what additional accessories I may need. After searching for awhile I discovered this information was not easy to uncover. So after searching a little more, … Read more

Windows 7 on a Lenovo W500 Thinkpad

Windows 7 on a Lenovo W500 Thinkpad

Review of Lenovo W500 Thinkpad running Windows 7 operating system. Hardware: W500 Thinkpad model:4061-AC4 Software: Windows 7 beta 32-bit build 7000 W500 Review: This is my third review of the Lenovo W500 Thinkpad. The first was an overall look at the hardware and the W500 Thinkpad Specifications. I continued with an additional and what I … Read more