What is IT infrastructure design? (info guide)

What is IT infrastructure design?

IT Infrastructure refers to all the related equipment that is used to support the information technology needs and services of an organization. This article will detail the necessary equipment needed in a server room to allow users the ability to develop and test smoothly without issue.  Ideally, we want the lab to be a transparent … Read more

2 Lenovo Trade-In Programs

2 Lenovo Trade-In Programs

Did you know Lenovo has a Trade-In Program?  Instead of throwing away old devices, Lenovo will either reuse or recycle them. Any Lenovo device or PC laptop, or Apple device may be eligible for the program. Quickly discover if your device is eligible from the website by searching for it or looking at the list. … Read more

Format Blog Text in Gray Boxes


Do you want to add some style or a point of interest to your blog? Or maybe desire to highlight some text by putting it inside a colored box? I was looking to highlight certain text inside my blog posts by placing it in gray boxes. After searching for the best way to accomplish this … Read more

Lenovo Yoga 5G New and Hot

Lenovo Yoga 5G

World’s First 5G PC1 is Here It seems as if we’ve been waiting to get our hands on some new hardware with 5G capabilities. By we I mean everyone who likes to learn about new innovations. 5G is of course the latest offering in cellular communications. It is not just a step beyond 4G, it’s … Read more

Lenovo Ducati 5

WHAT IS THIS — Lenovo Ducati 5!! This is from Lenovo news: High-speed Performance and Design with Special Limited-edition Lenovo Ducati 5 For this laptop, we harnessed that same passion for Ducati design, considering all the details, to deliver fans a PC they could love as much as their bike. With wrap-around racing stripes, colorful … Read more

3 Cool Lenovo Accessories (pictures)

3 Cool Lenovo Accessories

SHOP These Three Cool Lenovo Accessories It seems everyone likes accessories right? I’m into Lenovo laptops and I like to be on the lookout for cool accessories to make life either easier or bring more fun.. Below are three of the recent finds of accessories I think are pretty cool. And yes, I’ve included Amazon … Read more

Little Known Tools To Find Lenovo Parts

How To Find Lenovo Parts

There are a couple of different ways to find or locate Lenovo parts as well as do a Lenovo parts lookup. The two ways to find Lenovo parts are to use Lenovo’s part lookup or use the Lenovo Smartfind tool. How To Find Lenovo Parts: Of the two methods below, the preferred and easier method … Read more