Thinkpad and Lenovo 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter

Lenovo Laptop Charger If you travel frequently with your Thinkpad you know well the aggravation and discomfort of lugging around a computer bag full of weighty items. Even if you own an ultraportable notebook the accessories that accompany it can be bulky and not easily packed. Lenovo now offers a multi-purpose AC/DC power adapter to … Read more

Lenovo Thinkpad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive

Data security is an important issue in today’s world and Lenovo’s latest offering provides both security and portability. The Lenovo USB portable secure hard drive is a small, lightweight and easy to use data protection device. It is available with either 160GB or 320GB hard drives, USB 2.0 and full disk 128bit encryption. It has … Read more

Thinkpad Movies

A nice collection of Thinkpad movies covering everything from general descriptions to detailed views of components. They serve as a nice visual guide to the location of the components and as general reference. Update: The movies from IBM have been removed. Please see the new link to Lenovo support videos. T40/40p, T41/41p, T42/42p, T43/43p: Locations … Read more

Hard Drive Testing (free tools)

Think your hard drive might be going bad? There are many reasons you might think your Thinkpad’s hard drive is going bad. You may be experiencing bluescreens, the hard drive may be noisy, or the operating system will no longer boot. Whatever the reason, let’s go through some tests you can run on the hard … Read more

Thinkpad T60/T60p Tour

Want to see a nice overview of the T60/T60p? Check out the demonstration movie below giving a nice tour of all the features and options. T60/T60p 3D Tour This links to the Lenovo site and provides a 3D tour detailing the features of the T60 and some options. Some models run the Intel Core Duo … Read more