3 Cool Lenovo Accessories (pictures)

3 Cool Lenovo Accessories

SHOP These Three Cool Lenovo Accessories It seems everyone likes accessories right? I’m into Lenovo laptops and I like to be on the lookout for cool accessories to make life either easier or bring more fun.. Below are three of the recent finds of accessories I think are pretty cool. And yes, I’ve included Amazon … Read more

External Thinkpad USB Keyboard

Thinkpad USB keyboard with Trackpoint.Available for users who like their Thinkpad keyboard and would like to have a comparable external keyboard. This compact, slim design has the same look and feel and even includes the built in Trackpoint and function keys. Its part number is 55Y9003 0B47190 and costs about $50 US dollars. Find additional … Read more

Thinkpad WWAN Broadband Option – ATT 3G Info

I’ve been using a Lenovo W500 with the SIM card reader in the back, under the battery, and wanted to find some information on how to use this function and what additional accessories I may need. After searching for awhile I discovered this information was not easy to uncover. So after searching a little more, … Read more

Thinkpad and Lenovo 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter

Lenovo Laptop Charger If you travel frequently with your Thinkpad you know well the aggravation and discomfort of lugging around a computer bag full of weighty items. Even if you own an ultraportable notebook the accessories that accompany it can be bulky and not easily packed. Lenovo now offers a multi-purpose AC/DC power adapter to … Read more

Lenovo Thinkpad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive

Data security is an important issue in today’s world and Lenovo’s latest offering provides both security and portability. The Lenovo USB portable secure hard drive is a small, lightweight and easy to use data protection device. It is available with either 160GB or 320GB hard drives, USB 2.0 and full disk 128bit encryption. It has … Read more