Fix Your Overheating Laptop (NEW)

Why Does My Laptop Overheat

This article is about laptop overheating solutions. Why is my laptop overheating is a common question. If you use your laptop regularly you’re probably used to the fact that it gets hot while running. What’s not normal or desired is for the laptop to get too hot and overheat. Overheating laptops are caused by clogged … Read more

Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On | NEW Solutions

Lenovo Laptop Will Not Turn On

Updated 7/21/2022 Lenovo laptops normally work great without any issues. Occasionally though, you may find that when you press the power button the laptop does not power on.Lenovo has several different models and styles of laptops and each may vary slightly as to how to fix issues with the laptop not turning on. The quick … Read more

Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On | NEW Solutions

Dell Laptop Wont Turn On

Having power issues with your Dell laptop? When you press the power button does it not turn on? We’ll detail the 5 troubleshooting steps for the various hardware issues and tell you how to fix them. The basic fix if your Dell laptop won’t turn on is to unplug the A/C adapter and remove the … Read more

How To Clean And Repair A Laptop Fan

How To Fix A Laptop Fan

We all know laptop fans are necessary for laptop computers, but what if your laptop fan isn’t working or making noise? Fans can become dirty and clogged with dust over time which will make it difficult for air to circulate. This can be a frustrating problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily, laptop fans … Read more

SSD Not Showing Up In Bios Or Windows | Easy Fix

SSD Not Showing Up

A new SSD not showing up in either BIOS or Windows can be frustrating, I’ll cover widely seen issues and how to resolve them. This information is generally targeted towards laptops but will still apply to desktops as well. To resolve an SSD not showing up we’ll need to look in the BIOS, the operating … Read more

Lenovo Yoga 520 Touch Screen Not Working (Fixes)

Lenovo Yoga 520 Touch Screen Not Working

A lot of people are experiencing their Lenovo Yoga 520 touch screen not working. For some reason it has done this before, the screen works fine then it just quits. Apparently it is a random issue that decides when the touch screen will work. Verify the Yoga 520 touch screen drivers are up-to-date. Next, uninstall … Read more

Lenovo Camera or Webcam Not Working (READ)

Lenovo Thinkpad Camera Not Working

Have you been asking “Why is my camera not working on Thinkpad?” or “How do I fix my camera on my Lenovo laptop Windows 10?” If you are having issues with your Lenovo Thinkpad camera not working, I’ll explain the steps you can take to resolve the problem. The first step if your Lenovo Thinkpad … Read more