Lenovo IdeaPad S340-14IIL Memory Upgrade (Do This)

Do you want to upgrade the memory on your Lenovo IdeaPad S340?
You may be wondering if you can add additional memory? That’s what we’re here for. This article will detail the steps you can follow to make your laptop run better.

The good news is the S340 is capable of upgrading the RAM.
This guide will be specifically for the Lenovo IdeaPad S340-14IIL. Other S340 models will be similar but might come with different amounts of memory. That is, the process will be the same but the specs might be slightly different.

Let’s look at the specifications on the S340-14IIL.  It is a 14″ laptop that comes with 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD drive. It also has the 10th generation Intel Core Processor.
It is an affordably priced powerful laptop that weighs about 3.5 pounds. It’s newly released and so it comes with 3 USB 3.1 ports, one of which is Type-C. The model you own might have more or less memory, but we can access and upgrade them the same way.

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-14IIL SPECS:
  • IdeaPad S340 14″ laptop
  • 4GB Soldered + 4GB DIMM DDR4-2666
  • Max 20GB memory

    • Before you purchase a new memory module, check your model and serial number. These are located on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop.  Make sure you have an IdeaPad S340.
    • If you are not sure of the exact model you have, simply go to the

Lenovo support website  and select auto-detect.

Which memory module do I need?

You need to know the model of your IdeaPad because they don’t all use the same memory module.
I’ve found the easiest way to know which exact module to buy is to use the system compatibility checker from the Crucial website. Using this tool, you either select the model of laptop you have or let the website scan your machine and display the part you need.

The Lenovo Ideapad S340 maximum RAM is 20GB.

The Lenovo S340 comes with 4GB memory soldered onto the motherboard and one memory socket. This socket might already have a 4GB memory DIMM installed, which provides a total of 8GB of memory.  To upgrade, replace the 4GB DIMM with an 8Gb or 16GB DIMM.

The table below displays the specs for the S340-14IIL only.  It may not be the same for your model.

Lenovo Ideapad S340 Memory
Lenovo Ideapad S340 Memory

The steps to access the memory are pretty easy.

  • Turn over the laptop and remove the screws holding the back case in place.
  • Remove the back case, then unplug the battery from main board.
  • In the middle of the mainboard you will see a metal cover.
  • Remove this cover to access the memory module as shown in the illustration below.
  • Simply remove the memory module and insert the new larger capacity one.
  • Lastly, replace cover and back case, re-install the screws.

Lenovo Ideapad S340 Memory
If you would like to see Lenovo’s video of this memory upgrade follow this link: IdeaPad S340 memory upgrade

How much does it cost to upgrade my IdeaPad’s memory?

The cost of laptop memory these days is not too bad. You will probably buy either a 8GB or 16GB memory module.
I priced each of these modules from the Crucial website and have listed them in the table below. They are current as of this writing.

8GB Memory SODIMM    $33.99
16GB Memory SODIMM  $61.99

Again, remember to find the correct module that matches your module.

As a side note, while on the Crucial website I priced a replacement 500GB SSD for the IdeaPad at about $69.99.  Not too bad to just about double the size of the current drive..

Do You Have Other Laptop Questions?

How much RAM do I have now?

Before buying additional memory, you of course need to know how much your laptop currently has. This is easy to look-up, I’ll show you how in Windows 10.
Windows 10

  1. Right click the Start Menu and select System.
  2. In the System section, next to Installed Memory, you will see the amount of memory your system has.

How much memory do I need in my laptop?

That’s hard to say definitively since every user is different. 8GB of RAM might be just the right amount for the casual laptop user.  Some signs to look for to help you determine if you could benefit from more RAM are:

  • The laptop takes a long time to boot
  • Opening programs or applications are taking too long
  • Perhaps the OS hangs or freezes
  • Lastly, it just seems slower than it used to

What’s the takeaway:

The Lenovo IdeaPad s340-14iil ram upgrade or replacing the memory on most laptops is usually pretty easy. Knowing what to look for and what you’ll see when you open up the machine is always helpful before starting the process. The S340 is a nice affordable laptop with a powerful processor but some users might find they require just a little bit more memory for their work.

Have you upgraded RAM yet?  Let me know how it went..

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